Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rabindranath and Ranu Adhikari -1923

Rabindranath was planning to go to Deradoon with his full family during summer vacation. In the mean time, without giving any information Ranu Adhikari came to Santiniketan from Banaras on 21st April, 1923. Rabindranath, on that very day, wrote to her father;
" sitting on my desk I was setting tune to a new song. But we cannot identify the song. I saw Ranu on all a sudden behind me.I asked her whether she has come without informing you. She replied, yes, but with permission and with a company. So, you need not inform the police. I became pleased to see her and  shall not send her to Banaras just now. We are going to Deradoon . She will go along with us. To speak you frankly, she has no objection. She posses bonding with me for lifes to come and preceding.
The eldest daughter of Phanibhusan, Asha, got a scholarship from Allahabad University and wanted to learn Sanskrit from the German guest lecturer Vinternitz and got admission in Viswabharati University.
Rabindranath's journey to Deradoon was cancelled.  alomng with Ranu.They went to Shilong along with Ranu.