Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rabindranath and Bisarjan (contd-1)

Rabindranath himself added the character of Vivek ( Jaganmata)  in his own handwriting in the manuscript Ms 134 (ii) and wrote;
Jhunu / Janani Tomar Arunacharanakhani / pranam O prasthan / sankhaghanta. "
He was hesitant to include the two songs, 1. Timira Duara Khola, 2. Joy joy parama nishkriti, He was yet to decide in which scenery he would start with these songs. He was thinking of applying the song " Je raate mor duarguli".
It was found in the script [ Ms 134 (ii) ] , the scenes were divided as;
'bhor', 'lal abha', 'morning' '8 AM', 12 AM, 'Afternoon', 'Baikal', 'Surjasta', 'Evening', 'Night'  9 PM', 'The same direction of timings was given in the stage management.
Sahana Devi used to remain present on every rehearsal day to sing in the role of Jaganmata.
She wrote about the method of training as a director, Rabindranath ;
" To observe the method of teaching of Rabindranath is also a lesson to every body ....I remember this many times. To me it seems that the poet to make one understand not by simply giving his instructions. He himself does the role to show the person doing that. As many times as required he repeats acting the role to one understand without hesitation. He mixes up himself with the character  which he wants to show. In many occasions he has to perform one after another to show their roles, I am astonished to see that how swiftly he could change himself from one role to  another.
 I remember how he teaches Ranu in the role of 'Aparna'. In the first scene Aparna has to move quickly to fall at the feet ' Govindamanikya' and say with the expression of sorrow and distraction in her face and utter with aggrieved voice - 'I expect judgement' . How this small dialogue, ' I expect judgement' to be said with and with which attitude  to be said, he showed several times till Ranu gets it, is a matter of astonishment. The poet trained her little by little in his own hand that when I saw her in the role on the stage I was overwhelmed with joy with the creation of Rabindranath."
Ranu wrote in her memoirs ;
" Banu dada took the role of Joy Singha and myself in the role Aparna. He likes my acting. I appered in the stage in this role again and again. But during rehearsal it seemed to be very difficult. In Jorasanko the rehearsal was like staging in a jatra. Peoples were sitting on all sides of the place of rehearsal.The people sitting on all sides were not of ordinary stature. They  were like Jagadish Chandra Bose, sarat chandra Chattopadhyay etc. In that environment I had to perform my role with all the expression and say my dialogue.  I was trembling with fear several times when he got me by force and scolded me.which was beyond the limit."
Ananda Bazar Patrika published the advertisement of the programme;
" To contribute Viswabharati's fund / Bisarjan / Among the Participants / Rabindranath himself / Tuesday, 31st july, at 5.30 pm / Wednesday, 1st Aug, 5.30 pm / Friday, 3rd aug, 5.30 pm / Empire theater hall / entry Fee / Box- 50/-, 40/-, 30/-, and 25/- galary Re1/- / Special arrangements for ladies / Office to get invitation Card - / Kar and Mahalanobis / 1/2 Chauranghee / From 12 am to 7 pm / Sammilani office / 10 no. Cornwallis Street / 7 am to 10 pm.
But the Secretary of Sammilani Prasanta Chandra in a notice informed on 31st July on the first day of the drama ;
" Rabindranath became ill on 29th July in the evening all on a sudden, and the programme scheduled to be at New Empire. Fresh notice will be issued for this programme."