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Santiniketan (contd-25)

Wherever he did stay, Rabindranath was always concerned about his school. When he was taking rest in Muzaffarpur he wrote one letter to Ajit Kumar Chakraborty and four letters to Mohit Chandra Sen. In all the letters the matter relating to school got the priority. Ajit Kumar filled up the vacancy created after the death  of Satish Chandra in the school.He was also  of sacrificing nature like Satish Chandra and took the responsibility of the school with the same mentality. Rabindranath also liked such devoted persons in his school. But he had some hesitations about them which he expressed in the letter written to Ajit Kumar on 26th June, 1904,
Almost everytime I think that I've engaged you in a very difficult job.Could I be able to provide food for them to perform this difficult job? I'm afraid that you might be hungry while doing this work.  From where you are getting your inspiration ? Is it from its ideals, or from the affectionate relation that we have or from your natural sacrificing nature in your vigprous youth ? Was the amount sufficient that I can spent for you ? I myself am trying to secure energy from my innerself. I advice you to settle down your life where you can get pure source of energy. We all have the same destination.Sacrifice is the only way, sacrifice is the only motto - that is the way, that is the source and that is the goal. Don't look  to other direction like a begger. If you remain satisfied with the amount we can give you , then you can achieve the actual thing. Otherwise, you will become frustrated within a few days.
Ajit Kumar too did not live long. though he got some time more than Satish did. The literary work, the literary atmosphere he created made Rabindranath obliged.         

Santiniketan (contd-24)

Rabindranath could not perform his prayer in Santiniketan on 1st Baisakh even on the 3rd year of  establishing Brahmacharyasram. He was held up at Calcutta due to his illness.  The teachers and the students remained in their respective houses.  He was curious to welcome 1st Baisakh by prayer of Brahma with the teachers and the students of the school which he had done in subsequent years with his ill health. Usually he regreted if he could not attend such prayer due to his stay in abroad or for some other reasons. He even did not write such a letter of regret this year.
He wrote to Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay that he would consult with a doctor for his illness of regular fever in low degrees.  Dr. Harris after thorough examination advised him for a change of weather. He went to Mazaffarpur with some Kaviraji medicine.. He asked Priya Nath Sen to send him another bottle of medicine as he was better now after taking that medicine.He also informed that he is better now after  taking the Kaviraji medicine and as because he had no work here and he has to  go idleness.
When he was at Calcutta, he went to the house of Jagadish Chandra where he met Nivedita who arranged him to meet Swami Sadananda who was going to Badrikasram with a few student. Rabindranath sent Rathindranath and Dinendranath with them.  
The school re-opened after summer vacation The school was increased in size after Mohit Chandra became the head of the institution.Satya Ranjan Basu wrote that after summer vacation we again joined in Bolpur. The number of students had increased. Some new teachers was also appointed.After the death of Satish Chandra and resignation of Naren Babu, another teacher named Ajit Kumar Chakraborty was appointed. He was a close friend of Satiish Chandra and passed B.A. in pass course this year.   

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Santiniketan (contd-23)

On 7th Paus (22nd Dec, 1903),  the 13th Brahmatsab was observed in Santiniketan. In the morning prayer Priyanath Sashtri, Chintamani Chattopadhyay, and Sibdhan Bidyarnab took the seat on the dais. Priyanath Sashtri delivered the  inaugural speech. Satyendra Babu gave them some advice. In hs advice modest expression was visible.Traikyanath Sanyal sung Kirtan and traversed the path upto Chatimtala. The students of the school followed him. It was a wonderful site.
In the evening Rabinranath gave his advice to  them, Sibdhan Bidyarnab read out  a lecture, and Chintamani Chattopadhyay uttered a  prayer song.Rabindranath read out the essay 'Din  O Ratri' (Day and Night) but that was not mentioned in the reporting of Tattwabodhini. In the day time the younger students of the school and in the night comparatively the senior students staged the drama ' Bisarjan'.
Mohit Chandra Sen, Akshoy Kumar Maitra etc many respectable gentlemen came on the occasion. The expenses on the occasion was Rs.3448.75.  
Problem was there in the school with Kunja Lal Ghosh even in this year. He was given dismissal letter. The headmaster of Rampurhat School, Nagendranarayan Roy joined in his place.Advertisement was issued for the other teachers.Mohit Chandra was given the charge of selecting the candidate.He selected some teachers from amongst the applicants. They were Bipin Behari Dasgupta, Gopal Chandra Kabikusum, and Bhabendra Babu.None of them became permanent.They were also dismissed after Puja Vacation. Rabindranath was in favour of Jogesh Chandra Roy, but he didnot join. He was also eager to appoint Nishikanta Sen and Poet Satyendra nath Dutta. That , too, was not successful.

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Santiniketan ( Contd-22)

On 22 March, Rabindranath wrote to Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay, ' Subodh has got a strain in his leg for bathing in the tide of Padma. Santosh is undertreatment for last two weeks due to his fracture in his leg. Mohit Babu is also ill.I have given warning to all the professors to keep up their honour prestige by working sincerely.' in this letter he mentioned that the school would remain here for another two months.
In another letter written to Sushila Devi, wife of Mohit Chandra, Rabindranath expressed his anxiety for his friend Mohit Chandra.He informed that the students were engaged for his nursing. If he was not cured then he would be brought in Jorasanko for his treatment.
In the opinion of Rabindranath   'journey to different places is a part of education.' He was remembering the journey to the Himalayas and the journey the ganges and Padma with his father.He also took Rathi to different places.Now Rathi had been given the facilities going round the world. Rathindranath and Dinendranath went to Calcutta from Selaidah and then they went to Puri. After their return Rabindranath sent him to Badrikasram under the guidance of Swami sadananda of Ramkrishna Mission.         

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Santiniketan ( Contd-21)

On hearing about the illness of his father Rabindranath went to Calcutta on 8th March, but came back again to Selaidah on 15th March and stayed there upto the end of this month. He was not physically well. He went to Hazaribagh last year and got fever, that fever lasted for long time.On 22nd April, he wrote to Dinesh Chandra Sen,
' I'm not well'. After few days he wrote to Brajendra kishore Devbarma,
I've to go to Calcutta but was not well there, Here I'm little better.
Again after few days wrote to Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay,
I'm not well. Everyday I'm having fever and feel weakness. I shall go again to Calcutta to consult with the Doctor..
He came to Calcutta and consulted with Dr. Harris who advised him to go for a change after examination.On 23rd April, he went to Mazzafarpur, residence of his son in law, with his children.
In the meantime, the school at Selaidah was not running smoothly.Bhupendranath Sanyal noted that they had shifted the school from Santiniketan to Selaidah in apprehension of some epidemic diseases but after a few month the students were attacked with Small Pox here. They beacame awfully busy with some students and they had to close down the school for summer vacation to send the boys to their residence.All the students and the teachers went to their respective houses. But they were very much distressed with one boy attacked with small pox and with loose motion.This boy was Saminath Shastri,  the son of Priya Nath Shastri, who was a relative of Surendranath. Surendranath Babu  came to the Court for some of his peronal business and came to Selaidah.he also joined for his the mean time Santosh got a wound when playing foot ball. All of them became busy with him. But suspecting that the case meght be serious Surendranath along with Rathi took him to Calcutta. Bhupendranath and 2/1 teacher went to Calcutta with the deceased student..           

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Santiniketan (contd-20)

Bhupendranath Sanyal joined the school as a teacher after the Puja vacation. Satyaranjan Basu wrote ,
' Narendranath Bhattacharya and Nagendranath Aich joined as professors in Selaidah (the school was temporarily shifted there). Naren Babu was a poet and an artist. He was a teacher of  Bengali. Nagen Babu was teacher of drawing.'
Narendranath was an old teacher. This was his second time of joining here. But could not continue for long time. 
Nagendranath Aich (1878- 1956) was a man of Khulna District, recently traind in Vernacular. He worked in a school for a long time.
Bhupendranath was a religious man. He was a real teacher in Brahmacharyasram and to implement the ideals of Rabindranath. His sacrifice was wellknown. He looked after the children as his son which was narrated by his beloved student in  their autobiography. Rabindranath tried a new experiment with his help.When Rabindranath established the school , he preached them the spiritualism. Now he wanted to preach them the ancient ideals of India. They choose three of them , 1. Santosh Chandra, 2. Rathindranath,3. Sarojchandra (Bhola). Rabindranath, Mohit Chandra and Bhupendranath initiated them.
Bhupendranath wrote that they paid special attention to the three  boys about their work and advised them about Brahmacharya. It was decided that these boys would lead an ideal life and will be in charge of the other boys to see that all would obey the same principle of Brahmacharya of thee ancient India.
Rabindranath wrote to Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay, 
'Having shifted the school to this place I'm very busy. I shall go to Bolpur on 15 Jaistha. On 15 Baishakh, the school will remain closed. during vacation I will stay here for the month.'
But the plan was totally upset on receiving a telegram of his father's illness. He came to Calcutta immediately.
It might be that Mohit Chandra had a plan to shift tghe school to Calcutta and with the help of some rich persons they would make the school bigger. Rabindranath wrote him on Wednesday, 
I was very happy this time in svhool. all the teachers worked sincerely.      

Santiniketan (contd-19)

The new litterateur Charu Chandra Bandyopadhyay was acquainted with Rabindranath in some related discussion in Majumdar Library.He was a regular contributor to Bangadarshan. He promised to help Brahmacharyasram and donated Rs. 10 /- and sent it by money order.
At this moment a bad news came to Santiniketan. Satish Chandra Roy and Dinendranath  went to Budhagaya, Agra, and different places of Uttarpradesh during winter vacation of the school. After they had returned to Santiniketan Satish Chandra was seen to be attacked with severe type of Small Pox.Anil Baran Roychoudhury wrote Sudhakanta Roychoudhury on May  in a letter that Satish chandra was nursing a patient of Small Pox and got himself infected. Satish chandra died but the person was cured and remained alive.
At this news Rabindranath was also shocked but he was absorbed in thinking about the school.
Mohit Chandra Sen decided to join the School.  Rabindranath wrote Mohit Chandra among other things 'Satish Chandra's death has widened the vacuum in my life and deed'.
Mohit chandra joined the school on 13th Feb.Rabindranath informed Dinesh Chandra Sen that Mohit Babu's entry in the school elevated the standard of teaching and other things.
Rabindranath paid Rs.200/ to mohit Babu as his monthly salary from his own fund of Rs. 510/-.

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Santiniketan (contd-18)

Rabindranath had a close relationship with the family of Keshab Chandra Sen and this close relationship helped him to be acquianted with the husband of Sucharu Devi,  King of Mayurbhanja Ramchandra Bhanjadev. With reference to this he wrote Mohit Chandra Sen,  Once I shall stand face to face with Mayurbhanja. I'm afraid his help might eclipse our school. We shall not make the school dependent on any body economically. In that case it will lose its spiritual path. If I take the school from Santiniketan and put it to another place then that will be similar to place it from frying pan to fire.  
Rabindranath was talking to remove the school from Santiniketan to some other place. He wrote in this letter also, You ask your friend if they can find a suitable place, then inform me.Ask Jagadish also about this.
Jagadish Chandra came to Santiniketan from Darjeeling on 13th Nov and return back to Calcutta with Rabindranath on 16th Nov.
In Brahmacharyashram there were one month's winter vacation.After the vacation Rabindranath wrote on Sunday to Mohit Chandra,
Either in the morning train or in Bombay mail I shall reach Calcutta. So we can meet on Wednesday. Rabindranath reached Calcutta on 5 Jan.
On 7th Jan he went to Selaidah with Mira, Sami, Rathindranath, Santosh Chandra and a school teacher Subodh Chandra Majumdar.
In the mean time the school teacher Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay who sat for BL exam. and had gone through the examination. The news of his success came to Selaidah via Santiniketan. At this Rabindranath said,
Two of your student Rathi and Santosh and Prof. Subodh were swimming in the river when I informed them the news . On hearing the news they were so delighted that they made the water of the river blown in twice the speed they were doing earlier.

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Santiniketan (contd-17)

After a short Puja vacation, the ropened again on 12th Oct.,1903. Mrs. Abala Basu, wife of Jagadish Chandra Basu, invited Rabindranath to come Darjeeling for recovery of his health. In reply he wrote that the school had reopened this day and he would be busy in his work. So long there were a few students in the school and he used to teach them. The vacant seats would befilled again. He would take his rest after doing his work and that was his only medicine. He also informed her about Arabindomohan (son of Jagadish Chadra) to make her freefrom tension. He again brought Subodh Chandra Majumdar, headmaster of Delhi School, to Santiniketan. He was a very good twacher in English.
He also wrote to Abala Basu that he made good of the section became disorder in his absence. In his absence many teachers were appointed and now he would judge abou their capability. he was not satisfied with all of them. He wrote Mohit Chandra that he had dismissed Gopal Babu. No need to issue another advettisement as it was not fruitful.
Even to Satish Chandra it was not possible to remain steady in scrificing mood which he wrote in a few letters to his friend Ajit Kumar Chakraborty. Rabindranath said that Satish Chandra refused to accept salary. But he siad,
I do not know if all our teachers are going to be paid a monthly salaryin advance or no.Will it be possible for me to go in the B.A ? Rs. 60/- or 70/-?but that's a big sum?Who will help me through that?- I am so poor. Let me get up my books however and watch the course of things. Will I be able to sit in the examination as a teacher? How long before the examination one had to send the examination fees? How I can get English text books? If you come during Christmas I shall be able to read 2/3 books. I have decided not to take honours, if possible i shall try after finishing the syllabus for pass course.I 'm facing trouble to fo through the books for B.A. exam. Still I shall not give it up.
In another letter he wrote ,
All are well here, stiill my mind becomes saddened.I have no close friend here - I simply loiter in the streets of Bolpur. I feel something heavy on lying in my heart. I feel relieved when talk to Rabi Babu, but he is too much busy now.
Many persons came to Santiniketan due to the attraction of Rabindranath but  when one saw some gap he left the place. Perhaps Satish chandra, too, follow  the same path if he did not expire.   
The school was running in economic stringency since its birth.. He wrote Dinesh ch. Sen,
I'm deeply absorbed in the accounts of he School. The school and some senior students were waiting for clouds carrying water particles.  

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Santiniketan (contd-16)

Describing how he was passing Puja Vacation in Santiniketan Rabindranath wrote to Mohit Chandta on 8th Oct. 2003.
Now I'm taking rest. At present I've less  amount of work at hand. I've put off the internal spring, so my pen is not moving. I coach the students for an hour and then I keep myself engaged in reading books. Some times I pass by gossiping, sometimes pass my time in any other form. But I'm not able to throw myself in ebb-tide. Hence I've decided to hand over my nursing to the Padma river for my recovery after cmpleting my task in Santiniketan within a month.
Rabindranath was reading 'A Confession'  written by Tolstoy and he was thinking in himself, 'there are many things in the book, but one can learn more from the experience in  his life. One can be more enlightened  in it'
 Rabindranath was also in the phase of some changes of his thought. His wife and his daughter  died untimely. His health was also broken. Moreover, the anxiety about the school made him introvert. He tried to write all these things to Mohit chandra.
Gradually, things from the past was reflecting in  my mind.'

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Santiniketan (contd-15)

Kabikusum joined on 1st Aug., 2003. Really, Teaching staff of the School was good this time.Nagen Babu was a man of work, with
active  nature, expert and seemed to be compassionate. Kabikusum also seemed to be good.  Orders had been placed for some drawing instrument and models. Kabikusum would teach drawing in College level also. Physical laboratoy was to be arranged properly now. After scrutiny of the applications for Technical teacher Nani Gopal Ghosh, a final year Engineering student,  was appointed. Since he didnot join, Bhabendra Babu was appointed. After coming back to Santiniketan Rabindranath was disatisfied with Bhabendra Babu and asked Gopal Chandra to issue him dismissal certificate.    

At this crisis Rabindranath felt embarassed and regretfully he wrote Subodh Chandra Majumdar who left the school all on sudden ,
'In this crisis you have left the school. I solved the crisis   by writing letters and issuing telegrams even in my family disorder. If you could have stayed now, I would not have taken so much trouble.'
After some time he wrote in encouragement,
'God saved the school. We have to pass through problems and solve it. This is the rule for doing any good programme. Otherwise it cannot gather force, attain speed and good vigour for success.In any revolution there are losses but the amount of gain is always greater than that of its losses. In this way the school is gradually expanding to its goal.Friends and ordinary man are gradually being attracted. If you would have stayed for some time more, you could have gained. Those who are devoting their life at present,  will have great success at the end.In God's premises many people, for good cause,  got hurt and cannot survive.'
Rabindranath's forecast came to be true. Persons like Subodh Chandra and others wanted to be close with Rabindtanath and by serving in the school got a place in the page of history.     

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Santiniketan (contd-14)

Rabindranath gave all charges for management of the school to Jagadish Chandra, Mohit Chandra and Ramanimohan and requested Jagadish Chandra, in a letter, to try to maintain discipline in the school.
The extreme strict attitude of Kunjalal made many in the school annoyed. Though everybody liked to maintain discipline in the school but his attitude was so rough that even Rabindranath did not like it. Moreover, he used to stayed in the school premises with his family and it was not possible for him to devote sufficient time to look after the students of the school.For all these reasons he was asked to submit his resignation. Having learnt the news of his resignation Mohit Chandra expressed his mixed reaction. After all this was a good news that he would go from the beginning of Shraban. Narendra Narayan Roy had already joined the school as  Headmaster and hence they did not have any difficulty in his absence.
To re-introduce discipline in the school Rabindranath, keeping his ailing daughter at Almorah, came to Calcutta and then to Santiniketan. But due to some serious disorder to her ailing daughter he had to go back again to Almorah after two days. Brahmacharyashram was running short of teaching staff - Kunjalal Ghosh, Jagadananda Roy, Haricharan Bandyopadhyay,and Satish Chandra Roy were the only 4 regular teachers. Rajendra Lal Bandyopadhyay mainly looked after the management of the school.
At the beginning of Shraban,  Narendra Narayan Roy and Bipin Behari Dasgupta joined the school. Advertisement was issued in the news paper for teachers of Mathematics and Technical subjects.    
Mohit Chandra informed 0n 10th July that 15 applications were received from the graduates of 3-years degree course.Among the applicants Gopal Chandra Kabikusum was selected. He wrote that Bipin Babu came to Bolpur on the last  Tuesday. Kabikusum wrote that he had to give at least 15 days notice to his present incumbment. So he could not join earlier than 1st Aug. The classmate of Jagadananda could not join for his illness. Rabindranath wrote so long as the assistant teacher of Jagadananda was available, Rathi and Santosh would help. Jagadananda Roy might be asked in a letter to which classes he could teach Mathematics. At present Science teacher was not essential . The students of the lower sectios would do some handicrafts.  
Rabindranath was taking day to day interest despite his busy hours.

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Santiniketan (contd-13)

Rabindranath discussed about Santiniketan with Mohit Chandra and decided to form a committee. On 2 June, 2003, he wrote to Manoranjan Babu that Mohit Babu was given the charge of determining the method of teaching and management of the School. A committee with  Jagadish, Mohit Babu and Dr.Durgadas Gupta  was formed. Mohit Babu would go to Bolpur from Almorah and after doing his duty would   go to Calcutta.  He thought that from now on the school would run smoothly.
Rabindranath was gradually being dependant on Mohit Babu. He was also dependant on publication of his Kabyagrantha on Mohit Chandra.
Rabindranath's mind was compltely occupied with the management of Santiniketan. On 7 June, he wrote to Satish Chandra,
The routine you had sent was seen to be filled up with your labour. You could not be able to go for long with such a routine. Another teacher was essential for you. If you would not get an Engineering student , you should try to find a suitable teacher. Otherwise you would be in great difficulty. If Nagendra Babu was not available, you should try to get Narendranath.
Rabindranath had much respect on Satish Chandra. He was moved by reading his poem 'Duo-Rani'.
But according to him appointment of a teacher in the School was very urgent. He wrote Mohit Chandra , on the same day, that he was too much worried about the school and he would feel relieved on learning that Mohit Babu had arrived there. Now there were only 5 teachers and it was impossible to run the school with only 5 teachers. Appointment of another teacher is essential.
Akshoy Chandra Sarkar was critical about Rabindranath's kabya. He got his son Achyut Chandra admitted in Brahmacharyasram. He also appeared as a critic of the method of teaching in the School.
Achyut did not know how to write good English. There were many words in Bengali which were difficult to translate  in English. As for example, 'Beni pitamatar katha shone na'.English word for  'Katha shona ' was difficult to translate by an ordinary Bengali stiudent.
Akshoy Chandra had some complain for teachers also.
Rabindranath wrote a letter to Jagadananda Roy describing the qualities of Kunjalal Ghosh as a teacher. He was  an excellent and energetic one but he was too much strict. He was not emotional, he was a man of action. He had no similarity in behavior with Rabindranath even - if it was so Rabindranath would have been happy but he would not get any work from him.
Rabindranath wrote Mohit Chandra ,
"I was moved to see the horizon, I could not open my heart to Mountains."
But he wrote two poems on Mountains, one was 'Himalaya' and the other was 'Shilalipi'.  

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Santiniketan (contd-12)

Narendranath Bhattacharya obtained a job at Baidybati and left Brahmacharyashram but after some time wanted to join in his previous post. Rabindranath was not in favour  of that. He didnot like teachers coming and going this way. Though he could not stick to his principle.He was eager to re-appoint Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay. He re-appointed Subodh Chandra who once joined Delhi post office at his father in law;s request.He re-established his own son in law Satyendranath Bhattacharya . In fact it became an epidemic amongst teachers joining the School and leaving it. Once he appointed a Headmaster with a fat salary. He was Nagendranarayan Roy, the Headmster of Rampurhat. Haricharan Bandyopadhyay wrote about him that he was very calm and quiet and innocent in nature. He had no temper. None saw him to be angry so long he remained in Ashram. he practiced Homeopathy. He was keen to his patient. He at once reached to patient's place when he got any information.He prescribed medicine, took care of the patient and did the nursing of any wounded person. But the method of teaching of this person had a gulf of difference from that of Rabindranath. He himself wrote in this respect,
Once  I thought in myself that we need one Headmaster. Somebody informed me that there was a marvellous teacher. He passed in any examination who was touched by his magic wand. He was appointed. After a few days he complained the  boys were in a habit of climbing trees. Rabindranath said that they would not do so when they would attain his age. It was only because the trees asked them to come after spreading its branches. What was the harm in it if they  sat and extend their legs to swing. At this he became annoyed . He was an expert teacher, a good Headmaster. But here he was unfit and ultimately left the place.
After reading the story in the bi-monthly bulletin of Santiniketan, Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay thought the story might be related to him. Rabindranath replied against his complain  on 3rd Oct,
After your retreat at the request of the well wisher. I uprooted a Headmaster from a district school of Birbhum and sowed on our school.  But the soil did not permit it to grow.
Haricharan Bandyopadhyay thought that Nagendranarayan Roy was the target of this utterance.

Santiniketan (Contd-11)

In the year 1903, among the teachers there were Rebachand, Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay, Jagadananda Roy, Subodh Chandra Majumdar and Shibdhan Bidyarnab. It was not known when Sashi Bhushan Roychoudhury resigned. There was some trouble with Christian Teacher Rebachand for which he did not join after the summer vacation. Rabindranath wrote Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay that Rebachand would not join again. Today in the night Subodh was going to Bolpur. A Kinder Garten trained teacher Abinash Basu would join from 1st aug. 2003. Rathindranath and Madhurilata took their lessons for some time from Abinash Basu and his wife at Jorasanko. it was not known how long he continued in his service.
The poet Narendranath Bhattacharya joined this year as a Bengali teacher. He was a day teacher as that of Subodh Chandra. Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay wrote to Rabindranath that Narendranth left the school tomorrow after receiving a telegram. Probably he had got another service.Pandit Shibdhan Bidyarnab left the school within a few day because his service was not satisfactory. Haricharan Bandyopadhyay joined in his post.
Kunjalal Ghosh, son in law of Sibnath Shastri, was appointed as a teacher and Secretary of the school at the end of the month Kartik. Rabindrnath gave him in writing the rules and regulations of the school and was dependant on him. But the teachers of the ashram specially Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay did not like him.
After  few days there cropt up a trouble due to bowing down of Brahmin student to a non-brahmin teacher. The matter was settled  by Rabindranath by dis-allowing him from taking classes. But still Manoranjan Babu did not like him because Rabindranath alloted him to stay with his family in the proposed laboratory room on the east side of the old building in place of Manoranjan Babu. Moreover, Satyendranath Bhattacharya, son in law of Rabindranath, was appointed as a Prncipal of the ashram. he left the school showing an excuse   of  his health.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Samindranath (contd-9)

Oct. 1907, Rabidranath was thinking about Samindranath's accomodation during Puja vacation this year. He wrote to Srish Chandra Majumdar, Sami does not like to go to Calcutta. In Bolpur he feels lonely. I 'm thinking of sending him to Munger within a  day or two.I think this will be alright. Jagadananda Roy will fetch him to Munger and come back.Sami occupies so small space and does no disturbance that you will not have any difficulty to keep him.He will not do any harm to the peaceful situation there. Mira is as it is.Sometimes I think that I shall take her for a change in Selaidah.But cannot settle it now. At present I shall go to Bolpur to make Sami's journey to Munger.On the next day ( 15th Oct) he wrote to Bhupendranath , Today I'm going to Bolpur to make Sami's journey to Munger with Jagadananda Roy. Details when we meet.Perhaps Bela will start to Muzaffarpur tomorrow.Probably , on 16th Oct, on the day of Bijoya Dashami, Sami started for Munger. That was the maternal uncle's house of his friend Saroj Chandra Majumdar. That was his last journey from Santiniketan. He did not come back again because he died at Munger, due to a severe attack of cholera there. 
There were 8 days to reopen the School at Santiniketan. Bhupendranath had not yet arrived in the premises. Rabindranath wrote some letters to him. He was seriously thinking about the School.In the mean time a bad news arrived at his place. Samindranath had been attacked with Cholera at Munger. Rabindranath started for Munger with a Doctor immediately.
At that time, there was a strike called by the workers of the E.I. Railways.Communication was not smooth. However they reached Munger and learnt that Sami was a bit better. Rabindranath was making arrangements to bring him to Calcutta in a 2nd Class Reserved Compartment. But all on a sudden there had been a fresh attack. Rabindranath changed his treatment from Alopathy to Homeopathy. He himself was a good  Homeopathy doctor.Two renowned Homeopathy doctor of Munger took the charge of his treatment. He himself, also tried to assist them. But ultimately nothing could save Sami from the severe attack of Cholera and he expired early in the morning of 18th Nov. 1907 when he was 11 years old keeping his father spell bound.
Many days after Rabindranath wrote to Mira on 28th Aug. 1932, consoling her at the death of Nitindranath (7th aug. 1932), grandson of Rabindranath, referring the sad demise of Samindranath,
I said full heartedly to the supreme authority,  let his journey be smooth and carefree , let my bereavement cannot pull him back  We were moving in the next night when Sami expired through a train which was flooded with the moon light of Raspurnima (19th Nov) depicting abondance of wealth denouncing any kind of shortage in his ultimate journey. It was my earnest desire that I may go on doing my duties so long as I live .
The character of Amal in Dakghar was probably created in the light of Sami. In his early days Sami could recite from memory the difficult verses of Bisarjan drama and 'could copy the style of uttering Mantra as 'Rabikaka did' said Mira Devi. It was 20 days left of his 12th birth day and a lapse of 4 years from the date of his mother's demise.

Samindranath (contd-8`)

The school was declared closed during rainy season last year. But in this year due to drought water in the well had been dried up. Moreover, it was poluted for which the school declared closed in the 2nd week of Baishakh. Rabindranath wrote to Mira Devi,
The school was contaminated with the germs of Small Pox and hence the school would remain closed for 1and 1/2 months from tomorrow. During this vacation new room was to be constructed.
After the vacation the school became almost vacant.Rabindranath wrote to Mira on 24 April,2007, All the boys left from the hostel, only Kshitish, Sami, and Patal (son of Jagadananda Roy)  remained. If the marriage of the sister of patal took place this time, Patal also would go. Bolpur did not see such a vacant days. Even Jatin Palit and Debal also had gone. There were some news also about Sami in this letter. Sami  got fever for arranging books in the library.Within his fever he was practicing song and doing discussion on Kabya. It was found that his attraction in songs had increased too much. Almost everyday he was singing the song, "Eki labanye purna pran" and moving around. It could not be said that the tune was perfect . The love for music was also expressed by his class mate Sudhiranjan, " Sami was looking exactly similar to that of Gurudev, same complexion, same  face cutting and same looking style. He could sing briliantly."
Another classmate Sudhakanta Roychoudhury in his memoirs about Sami expressed that he could remember clearly  when he was asked by the new music teacher respected Sri Ajit Kumar Chakraborty. He started singing after a brief pause on seeing some unknown face the song 'Purna Pranesh', and after a few minutes sung another song "Bahe nirantara anantadhara". It was so sweet that  was never heard before. He added that he was living in Lucknau through out his life for which he could not listen such melodious song.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Samindranath (contd-7)

A nice garden had been developed in the courtyard of Santiniketan Mandir and around the guest house for long time.Rajlakshmi Devi along with Sami and Mira developed a kitchen garden around the 'New house' where they lived in  Santiniketan. Rabindranath wrote to Mira devi 0n 21 Oct. 2007,
'Pisima became serious in developing a kitchen garden. I have brought for her seeds of Nainital potatoes and other different kinds of seeds. Bhatu is preparing the land for potato by digging it and Pisima is observing that.
Rajakshmi Devi had sent the surplus agricultural product obtained by her cultivation to Mazzafarpur, father-in-laws house of Bela. Rabindranath wrote in this respect,
I am glad to hear that you have received the vegetables in good condition. You know Pisima is very proud of her brinjals - she is sending them to everybody she knows....Seeds of various kinds of vegetables and flowers have come today by post from the Mussorie hills. Pisima is busy engaged in preparing new beds for their reception.
Not only family garden, Rabindranath encouraged all the students for creatimg gardens. Sudhiranjan Das wrote,
A small portion of land was distributed among each student for cultivation. Somebody used his land for cultivating arhar dal, somebody for small nuts, somebody for ladies finger etc. From the point of the old well tunnels were prepared upto the land in question, so that the surplus water after bathing used to flow to the field to help irrigation. If somebody did not take care of his land , that land was given to one who can utilise the land in a befitting manner. To dig with a spade was given the same weightage as doing excercise.
Rabindranath also wrote about falling shortage of the energy of Samindranath and othes in this regard. They had given up the habit of creating garden. At first they prepared some turnips, some carrots but those days had gone. now there was none to water the plants.
Rabindranath wrote to Mira Devi because she  had some fascination for gardening.
Autobiographer of Rabindranath wrote that Samindranath started Basanta Utsab on the day of Sripanchami , 17th feb.,1907.Samindranath and two other students took up the dress of  Basant,  one as rainy season and the three others as Sarat. In spring season flowers were affluent, they put hats of flower, also kept flowers in hands, necks etc. the ceremony was held in the big hall.Samindranath sung the song ,' Eki Labanye Purna Praan,' etc. all these informations were available in the letters of Samindranath witten to Achyut which were received from Naredranath Khan and Nirmal Chandra Chattopadhyay. Jyotirindranath had drawn a sketch of Samindranath on that day.             

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Samindanath (contd-6)

19th Oct (2 Kartik), 1906, on the day of Bhrattidwitiya wife of Dinendranath Kamala Devi, grand daughter-in-law, offered goodwishes on forehead of Rabindranath. Informing this incident he wrote to Mira Devi,
'Kamal does not come everyday.Probably you have heard she has offered me good wish on my fore head. Sami has to go two days fast for successfully attending the invtation of this occasion. He has taken, on that day, sufficient inspissated milk and lied  down to bed for he is feeling a vomitting tendency. Today he has taken bath ad food'.
Pisima was doing gardening attentively. In the evening Sami made her listening Mahabharat regularly. He was reading Mahabharat when he found time.
It should be mentioned here that Surendranath Thakur trnslated the original Mahabharat in two volumes and dedicated those in the name of Rabindranath.
'Sami had finished several times the two volumes,' Rabindranath wrote these words to his daughter, Mira. He also added he had arranged his room at the ground floor and used to read Bengali books when he got time. In the night he took his bed by the side of the Pisima where she used to take  her bed.
Rabindranath wrote to Mira Devi from Giridi on 5Feb, 1907,
'It was learnt that Second Bauthan (wife of Satyendranath) would go to Bolpur for some days. Sushi daughter-in-law (wife of Balendranath) would also accompany her. the team was a bit larger. It included Jyotirindranath, Sanga Devi (wife of Surendranath), their first son Subirendranath and some others would also go along with them. jyotirindranath had drawn a sketch of Samindranath there which was a sign kept by Jyotirindranath that he had gone there.

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Samindranath (contd-5)

Financial stringency was a day to day affair in the life of Brahmacharyasram since its birth. In the lifetime of Maharshi Devendranath financial help for construction of building and other capital expenses was amply available. But after his death the doors of such help was closed. Rabindranath had a small land and a bunglow on the seashore of Puri. To meet up his demand for money for Brahmacharyasram he had to sell that  property and paid the debt caused by constructing a new building for himself 'dehali' in Santiniketan.
Maharaja of Tripura Radhakishore Manikya helped him regularly @ Rs.100/- pm towards the expenses of Santiniketan.From some other sources also he received some help.
Rathindranath wrote that with the help of Okakura, a jujutsu teacher was brought to teach Jujutsu. When Rabindranath went to Tokyo, he wrote to Samindra,
I am happy to learn that your training in Japanese is going on smoothly. Do you able to speak a word or two now ?Only reading will not help you, you must try to speak with your teacher Sano San. What is the stage of your Jujutsu training now ? Do you have Jujutsu training daily ? Rabindranth was eager to know the answer of all such questions.He wanted to have him trained both physically and mentally.
In the evening, there was arrangements for cultural entertainment in Brahmacharyasram. When Rabindranath remained present in Santiniketan he would also join such programme. He wrote Manoranjan Babu that the Asar became successful.
He was careful about the rights of female section of the society.this was in the year 1906. 

Samindranath (contd-4)

For teaching Sanskrit and English to his own children Rabindranath wrote 'Sanskrita Shiksha' and 'Enraji Sopan'  for the students of Brahmacharyasram. The planning of the book and the teaching method were invented by Rabindranath. At first it was decided that Manoranjan Bandyopadhyay would write the book. But that had  not been materialised. Hence Rabindranath took the responsibility in his own hand. It was published on 44th birth anniversary of Rabindranath ( 7 May 1904).
'Enraji Sopan. Stepping stone to English.Part I.
After sending the manuscript of Enraji Sopan, Part II, Rabindranath wrote Mohitchandra that the students might not face difficulty in understanding the book.. This book should be meant for beginners..The Principal of Coochbehar Victoria College remarked after going through the book that so far as he knew such book did not have been published earlier.
Rabindranath's youngest daughter, Mira devi, was born on 13th January,1894 and his yougest son Samindranth was born on 12 december, 1896.  On 12 Aug., 1903, Rabindranath asked Dinesh Chandra to appoint an European lady for coaching and for imparting knowledge in sewing to Sami and Mira. On 27th Aug Rabindranath wrote him that he would discuss about Mira's bridegroom with him.It was quite natural that his youngest daughter was married during the lifetime of Maharsi Devendranath. But that was not possible.
He died on 6 May, 1905.

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Samindranath (contd-3)

Rabindranath remained busy for the last year due to the illness of Renuka and some unwanted activities in Santiniketan by this time.At the beginning of the year Satish Chandra Roy, Jagadananda Roy, Haricharan Bandyopadhyay, and Brajendralal Bandyopadhyay were regular teachers. Subodh Chandra Majumdar secured a job at Delhi post office by the initiative of his father-in-law. For this reason the school declared to remain closed for summer vacation so earlier. Rathindranath, Santosh Chandra, and Dinendranath remained in the hostel under the guardianship of Satish Chandra. The scientist and poet Surendranath Moitra came to Santiniketan during this time. Rathindranath had drawn a beautiful painting as a memento to his father. Problem for Kunjalal Ghosh continued upto this year and he was asked to resign. Headmaster of Rampurhat School, Nagendra Narayan Roy joined in his place. An insertion in the advertisement column had been given for inviting teachers willing to join. Some teachers were selected.
After Puja vacation  Bhupendranath Sanyal and Nagendranath Aich joined as teachers. and Subodh Chandra Majumdar and Narandranath Bhattacharya were reappointed. Within the winter vacation Satish Chandra Roy died out of small pox. For the rest of the days the school was shifted to Selaidah.
The number of students had increased this year. The letter written by Samindranath on 25th July said  that Bhola,Patal, Prafulla, Kshitish, Suhas and himself were the students of Infant Class.. 

Samindranath (contd-2)

At the middle of 2003 (Aug-Sep), Rabindranath was thinking to seperate the Brahmacharyashram from the Ashram of Santiniketan because some drawbacks were visible in the application of teaching system . Samindranath wrote on 25th July (Saturday) ' we were still practicing handwriting as before.In our class there were Bhola, Patal, myself, Prafulla, Kshitish, and Suhas as students.There was no class for English, no class for Arithmatic, no class for Geography or History, no class for Bengali even.'
Rabindranath gave due importance to the letter of his youngest son and wrote Mohit Chandra that the lesson in the Infant Class was almost closed. Sami wrote that they were not learning Bengali, History, Geography, Arithmatic which meant  that they were not learning anything.When Kunja Babu was in the school he used to take all these classes.  Rabindranath asked Mohit Chandra  to go to Bolpur now. It was not possible for him to do anything by writing letters only.
Rathindranath and Samindranath came to Calcutta to see their ailing  sister Renuka for the last time. After 9 days (14th Sept.) Renuka expired. The news was circulated to Bolpur and Phooltala, mother-in-laws house through telegraph. Rathindranath and Samindranath went to Bolpur well in ahead.
During winter vacation of the school at Santiniketan Rabindranath took Mira, Sami, Rathi, Santosh Chandra, and the teacher of the school Subodh Chandra Majumdar to Selaidah.

Samindranath (contd-1)

Kartik Chandra Nan, a student and a colleague of Brahmabandhab wrote in Sophia and Twentieth Century magazine on 6th Aug, 1933, contradicting the statement published in Modern Review by Ramananda that the School (Brahmacharyashram) was at Santiniketan by the joint initiative of Rabindranath and Brahmabandhab. At the corner of Santiniketan there was a three roomed building where the School was started. At  that time he himself used to teach Mira and Sami some sort of drawing. Though that was not within the perview of the School discipline.Mrinalini was ill and she was at Calcutta. Samindranath was brought to Santiniketan on 13th Nov., 2002, by Subodh Chandra Majumdar. That was a mental setback causing Mrinalini from her sleep. She complained about this to Hemalata Devi. When Mrinalini Devi was  bed ridden her aunt (pisima), Rajlakshmi Devi came to her family to look after Mira and Sami who were child at that time. Mrinalini Devi died on 29th Nov. 1902 when her second daughter of  Renuka, was ill. She was  taken to Hazaribagh for a change of weather  A big team accompanied her. Mira and Sami were in that team.
Rabindranath constructed a seperate building with straw roof outside the area of the Ashram for living with his family. It was known as 'Natun bari'. Mrinalini Devi died before it was formally opened. Rajlakshmi Devi, after the death of Renuka, began to stay here with Mira and Sami. When Renuka was in Almorah Mira and Sami remained with their Mejama (wife of Satyendranath) at Ballygunge. 
The poetries of 'Sishu' was written in a new manuscript. The book where it was written was probably belonged to  Nalinibala Roychoudhury. On the book it was written with a bad handwriting all the names of Srimati Nalinibala Devi, Renuka, Rajlakshmi,Atasilata Devi (Mira), Samindranath, Rabindranath and Rathindranath. The manuscript was presented to the poet Satyendranath Dutta by Rabindranath. Satyendranath in the page no. 76 wrote, 'The kabya grantha namely Sishu was gifted to me by Rabindranath Thakur.' Satyendranath Dutta dated 16th Sept. 1909.   

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Samindranath, the youngest son of Rabindranath

Samindranath, sitting on horse back and Surendranath standing by his side. 
Samindranath was born on 12th Dec. 1896.
In 1901, 22nd Dec (7th Paush), on the day of 11th annual ceremony of establishment of Santiniketan and after morning prayer, the Brahmacharyashram of Rabindranath was inaugurated in presence of Brahmabandhab, Rebachand and the students came from Calcutta. Satyprasad, Dinendranath and singer Biharilal Chattopadhyay was also present. The magistrate of Birbhum was present (might be) as a chief guest.
Satyendranath Thakur delivered the inaugural speech about the school and Rabindranath initiated the students by saying Vedic hymn, "Shreyan Basyasohasani Swaha". Then he explained the meaning of the Sloka to all the boys present in a simple language.
In the evening prayer Rabindranath, Chintamoni Chattopadhyay and Shambhunath Gadgadi took the seat on the Dias.
But  there were different opinions about the number of students present on the first day at the school.In one opinion, given by the biographer of Rabindranath, Samindranath was present amongst the ten students present on the occasion.