Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last days of Madurilata (25 Oct1886 - 13 May 1918)

The symptoms of TB were visible in the body of Madhurilata was first known from the letter of Rabindranath written to Kadambini Dutta on 24th Jun 1917. Madhurilata had cut off all connection from her father's family due to some family trouble leading to the damage of her self-respect causing a mental separation with her father from the very beginning of 1913. Inspite of her father's best attempts the relation could not be re-established. But the infection of the awfully bad disease in her lovely body could not keep her father aloof from her on learning of her disease. He passed his valuable time with her daughter during day time when he happened to come to Calcutta. He wrote Kadambini on 3rd July the same thing, " During day time I pass my time in my daughter's residence." Moitreyee Devi quoted the same thing to Hemlata Devi ; " Bela was his most dearest daughter, so he had to neglect all the disregards shown to him and stay at the bedside of his deceased daughter.  Sarat, his son-in-law, was seen  smoking cigarette keeping both his legs on the table just to dishonour  his father-in-law and did not put his legs down the table. Keeping the insult in the deepest portion of his heart, he sat by the side his daughter when she too turned her head to the other side. The activities of his son-in-law were needless to comment but his daughter's behavior was un-pardonable.Rabindranath had to bear anxiety in his heart. Times without number, he had to come to Clacutta from Shantiniketan learning seriousness of his daughter's illness and spend money for her in different ways including her medical expenses from 24th June,
1917 to 16 May, 1918, the day when she died.    
Rabindranath had five children - two sons and three daughters. Three of his children - one son and two daughters died in his life time.
1 Renuka 1891-1903 (married on 1901)
2. Shamindranath (1896-1907)
3.Madhurilata- 1886-1918(married on 1901)