Monday, February 13, 2012

Rabindranath in Japan (contd-1) - 1916

Time was approaching for their departure and farewell ceremonies were being arranged in different places. On 27th April farewell ceremony was arranged in the house of Atul Prasad Sen, the poet and barrister. Kalidas Nag wrote that ;
" Gathering was  held in the house of Atul Babu situated at Wellesly mansion - the poet, Gagan Babu, Abani Babu, Dinu Babu and others were present. The gathering was fine - with fountain of   songs. On 28th farewell was arranged in Mayo Hospital organized by Dr. Dwijendranath Moitra. Dinu Babu and the poet sung traditional songs and patriotic songs. It was wonderful."
 Many others arranged farewell gathering. Somebody also came to bid farewell. Rabindranath wrote to  Suriti Devi, sister of Dr. Nilratan Sircar :
" I'm very busy as the departure time is knocking at the door.I was to go on Saturday but it was shifted to Monday by shipping authority.Still I could not make time because the number of  persons willing to bid farewell  had increased. We could not get our luggage arranged. My mind too was excited. The day you had come I could not make sufficient time for our interaction."
On 1st May, Kalidas Nag called on Rabindranath and wrote, " today, early in the morning , I came to see the poet - had talk upto 10 am - toninght he will be going to China, Japan etc for about one year - I bowed down my head before him - in  his age of 55. This is an advance salute to his 56th birth anniversary."