Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Renuka (contd-5)

In Tagore family  Planchet was in practice. Rabindranath decided to take the help of Planchet to know about his future after the death of his wife Mrinalini. He was trying to get consolation from some supernatural power. He was reading at that time 'Human Personality and its survival after death'  written by Myers. Rabindranath himself became medium of planchet several times since his boy hood. His main aim of taking the help of planchet is to find ways and means in this difficult situation. Probably he asked his questios to the newly departing soul of his wife Mrinalini. After informing about the disease of his father Maharshi Devendranath, the soul replied that Renuka had to come to Calcutta from Almorah. Rabindranath became astonished to learn that he would not be able to stay at Bolpur. This part of the information of the departing soul became true. Keeping Renuka at Almorah under the charge of his brother in law, Nagendra he came to Calcutta. 
19th Jun Rabindranath and Mohit Chandra went to Bolpur with  a few students for the school. But on 21st Jun,2003, he was informed that Renuka's condition was serious. Rabindranath wrote to Jagadish Chandra that learning seriousness of the disease of Renuka he had to go to Almorah. He could not imagine that he would be able to see Renuka. The Doctors were pushing injections of Strychnine Brandy for keeping her alive artificially. When he arrived at Almorah the doctor left all hope for her life. Rabindranath stopped all stimulus medicine and applied Homeopathy.As a result some improvement was visible. Blood vomitting was stopped, fever and cough had also subsided. It seemed that Renuka had fought out against her seriousness this time. Rabindranath completed his 'Sishu' kabya grantha just before leaving Alomorah with Renuka.     
Rabindranath thought that there might have been some infection from Renuka's disease. He had undergone electric treatment in a Sanitorium in Calcutta. He was not well physically for a long time and it was only due to his inner urge and mental strength he had to go  with all his work. Moreover, he used to take vegetarian meal this time which might also be the cause of his weakness. After coming to Calcutta with Rabindranath  remained, most of the time, within the house.
Renuka expired on 14th Sept 2003 at Jorasanko (lalbari) Calcutta, just 9 and 1/2 months later than the death of her mother Mrinalini.
She was attacked with tuberculosis which had been had been diagonised sometimes in the last year. At first there was some sore throat and fever. She was advised to get some change of weather. She was taken to Madhupur, Hazaribagh and then to Almorah. Rabindranath took her to Calcutta on 29th Aug and she died on 14 Sept.