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Rabindranath and Gurusaday Dutta

Saroj Nalini was born in her father’s country house in Bandel, near Hooghly, in Bengal. Her parents were Brajendranath De, ICS and Nagendra Nandini Dé (née Bose). She was brought up with her brothers and sisters and shared with them an education under a tutor and a governess. In 1905, she married Gurusaday Dutt ICS. In 1909, her only child Birendrasaday was born
Born (1887-10-09)9 October 1887

Bandel, Hooghly, Bengal, British India

Died 19 January 1925(1925-01-19) (aged 37)

Kolkata, Bengal, British India

Nationality British India

Ethnicity Bengali Hindu

Occupation Social Worker, Feminist

Religion Hinduism

Spouse(s) Gurusaday Dutt

Children Birendrasaday Dutt

Parents Brajendranath De

Nagendranandini De (née Bose)

Saroj Nalini Dutt, MBE, (Bengali: সরোজনলিনী দত্ত) (9 October 1887–19 January 1925) was an Indian feminist and social reformer
Rabindranath was used to write introduction of a book occasionally. He wrote the introduction of a book, biography of "Saroj-nalini Dutta", wife of Gurusaday Dutta, written by him.The introduction written by Rabindranath in his own handwriting was printed in two pages and attached with the book.Sarojnalini came to Shantiniketan in number of times But she was not introduced with him formally. Mentioning the phenomenon Rabindranath wrote, " Having read the biography of Sarojnalini. I could understand by reading the biography of Sarojnalini that the writer her husband Gurusaday Dutta was a really lucky man. Because it is not possible to lose a wife even after her death with whom he was married by their good sight..
Sarojnlini was not a domestic lady. She passed most of her time in   the ma dying  crowd of the world. She had to become host of the foreign delegates. Her life was not bound within her family members. Her family included relatives-nonrelatives, national and international, known and unknown personalities She could have managed modestly the relations with all her guest. Outside world was not defeated by the domestic world and also the domestic world coudnot overpowered the outside one. We came to know her by reading her biography."